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Groups We Serve

Our process for helping people achieve a state of Financial Wellness began in the 1980’s. That was a time when most financial institutions discovered the power of using financial planning as a tool for sales.

Our approach was to take the “sales angle” out of the equation and build an educational, consumer directed process to deliver a high quality level of planning and attention to detail to all individuals regardless of how much money they made, how much they had in savings or their personal circumstances.

The result was a non-elitist, transparent approach which unknown to us at the time was along the lines of what today is called the Fiduciary Standard of Care. Along the way we recognized that the most key financial issues (retirement, mortgages, college education, health care) were similar for a large portion of the public.

By pursuing economies of scale, we were able to modify our one-on-one, experiential planning process for use as a workshop to a group (10 to 30 planning units). By further applying the concept of mass customization, we’ve been able to successfully deliver customized workshops to thousands of employees of various organizations since 1989.