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Reality-Based Process

Transparency is the Pathway to Effectiveness

Cygnet Institute uses a copyrighted modular process to design customized, experiential Financial Wellness programs for employee groups. These are “hands-on” workshops which can be tailored as a stand-alone employee benefit or incorporated into the ERISA requirement of 401(k) Plan participant education.

As a non-profit Institute that’s free of conflicts of interest, we are uniquely positioned to address the financial education responsibilities of the Trustees of 401(k) plans as well as the productivity-enhancing, employee financial wellness objectives of management.

Cygnet Institute’s programs

TEACH employees to set realistic goals and have better control of their total finances.

HELP employees identify lifestyle patterns, anticipate future changes and plan for those changes.

GUIDE employees in their decisions regarding their retirement plans, savings programs, insurance and other fringe benefits.

The outcome is an individualized financial plan that addresses one of the leading causes of employee stress: Lack of knowledge and a sense of no control over personal finances.

Reducing stress about money can be a huge factor in improving quality of life.