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Welcome to Cygnet Institute

There may be creatures more beautiful than adult swans, but few glide more gracefully on the water. In addition to their statuesque elegance, they are known to mate for life and are very protective of their young, which are called cygnets. The swan’s main objective is to educate their cygnets with the skills needed to survive and become adult swans.

Cygnet Institute, adult swan and cygnet
Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) carrying a young cygnet for faster traveling and protection.

Just as the Cygnet Institute logo shows the baby cygnet becoming a swan, our financial education services focus on helping workshop participants learn financial skills to manage their financial life and make decisions to achieve their goals.

Cygnet Institute Vision Statement

A world where all people can make good decisions to achieve economic security.

Cygnet Institute Mission Statement

To teach adults financial skills they can use in their daily lives that help them reach financial wellness.

Cygnet Institute Values

The values that form the foundation of the financial education services Cygnet Institute provides are:

  • Integrity is more important than personal gain or advantage. Program instructors are trustworthy and have the responsibility to honor the trust placed on them by participants.
  • Objectivity requires intellectual honesty and impartiality in the content of Cygnet workshops.
  • Competence is expected from Cygnet instructors who are chosen for their expertise in the content of the workshop they facilitate.
  • Confidentiality means that participant information is accessible only to those authorized by Cygnet.
  • Diligence is reflected in Cygnet’s belief that expectations of workshop participants must be fulfilled in a reasonably prompt and thorough manner.

Improve Financial Decisions

Poor financial decisions hurt both employees and employers. See the video below for a quick 1-minute explanation of this problem and the best way to solve it.

Financial Crisis Resources

The pandemic is still with us. Are you making the right financial decisions? Click here for guidance and tools to help you make good personal financial decisions.

Help Expand Financial Literacy

We’re a non-profit with a mission dedicated to helping to teach people how to make good financial decisions. Your donation will help us expand our FREE financial literacy education programs to more public libraries in Michigan.