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About Cygnet Institute

Cygnet Institute of Personal Financial Literacy is a nonprofit educational organization built on principles researched, developed and field tested by Cygnet Financial Planning, Inc., a pioneer in the development of financial planning systems and services since 1982.

Cygnet Institute’s goal is to provide the highest quality, lowest cost Financial Wellness programs available … with no hidden agenda. Cygnet Institute and its programs are NOT a marketing front for the sale of financial services or products. Cygnet Institute’s charter prohibits accepting or referring any program participants as clients, for any purpose.

The Cygnet Philosophy
At Cygnet, we believe that everyone needs highly personalized financial planning. Our courses focus on helping individuals become more financially literate so they can build their own plan. Combining modern technology, online learning and classroom methods, participants receive the best possible plan (one that they understand and control) at the lowest possible cost.