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Solution Pathway

The Solution Involves More Than Money

The prevailing “solutions” by insurance and investment companies usually has a secondary agenda to create a pathway for the sale of a financial product or service. Lecture presentations by consulting companies generally fail to engage the people who need help the most. The same holds for web based, do-it-yourself approaches. The financial coach model is effective but cost prohibitive to apply to an entire workforce. For the typical consumer/employee who is trying to make a financial decision, the various approaches described above, though abundantly available aren’t helping – as seen in the declining level of financial literacy.

The solution must aim to change behavior. This can be done with the effective use of an experiential Financial Wellness program that benefits both the employee and the employer by…


IMPROVING use of benefits

INCREASING productivity

The program needs to be tailored to the organization and integrate critical thinking to promote…

Financial Realism

Balancing Resources with Goals

Better Awareness of Career Value

Cooperative Atmosphere for Benefit Adjustments

Informed Use and appreciation of Employee Benefits

Improved Employee Morale and Loyalty