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Public Libraries

Seminar Criteria

We are proud to offer workshops in the local community. To protect the integrity of the program and to enhance its value, we have established a set of criteria to maintain quality control over the content and the presenters. Below is a partial list of those criteria:

  • Sign Fiduciary pledge
  • Agree specifically to NOT solicit in class or afterwards
  • Support and enhance Critical Thinking in the presentation through emphasis on the following key aspects of Critical Thinking: Clarity, Accuracy, Consistency, Relevance, Sound Evidence, Good Reasons, Depth, Breath and Fairness
  • Explain relevance of their presentation to Personal Finance and quality of life
  • Embed and explain instances of Behavioral Finance issues in the subject being presented
  • Submit content of presentation for review
  • Submit all handouts for review

Pharos Library Project

The Pharos Library Project is an effort to promote financial literacy on an ongoing basis in the community. The goal is to help libraries become the focus of economic education by building a curriculum of various financial subjects. Like the lighthouse of Alexandria, we want to shine the bright light of knowledge to teach people how to navigate the world of economics and make good financial decisions to achieve their goals.

Content for these workshops is derived from programs Cygnet Institute has designed, field tested and used since 1989. As we expand these financial workshops, we will need to incorporate additional professionals in the respective communities who might be interested to become presenters in the Institute’s Financial Education Series. We anticipate that the more technical information will be presented by professionals with expertise in the relevant topic. Topics that do not require deep level subject expertise will be delivered by certified teachers. In order to protect the quality of the program and the reputation of the libraries, we intend to impose certain criteria on those who want to participate as instructors and presenters. The two main areas involve adherence to the Fiduciary Standard and incorporating in the presentation elements that encourage participants to utilize Critical Thinking.

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