The Cygnet Philosophy

Cygnet Institute is a fresh approach to personal financial literacy that can serve an overall OED campaign or 401k education program.

It does this by applying the unique benefits of the fiduciary standard to experiential workshops which capitalize on the concept of mass customization. Our methodology overcomes the limitations of the financial coaching model as well as the inherent ineffectiveness of lecture presentations which do not always engage employees.

We build our customized programs using a modular design process to address the specific needs of any size or type of employee population. The cost effectiveness of our modular system assures maximum training effect at the lowest possible cost. This approach has been successfully used with various organizations since 1989.

Retirement Issues Workshop Registration for UAW Members

Attention UAW Members! You and your spouse are invited to a workshop to discuss retirement issues.

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We’re an independent, 501(c)3, tax exempt, non-profit organization – not affiliated with any financial institution – teaching people how to make good financial decisions to achieve their goals since 1989.